Underfloor heating & cooling

The most efficient and sustainable heating system

Underfloor heating & cooling solutions

A unique product thanks to its advanced technology

The future of heating lies in underfloor heating That is why, at Orkli, we have developed a complete range of solutions, ranging from an insulation panel that is unique in the market, to a wide variety of hydraulic groups. All with the aim of boosting energy efficiency, guaranteeing safety and maximising the cost-effectiveness of each project.

Underfloor heating and cooling scheme

Thanks to our experience and our innovation capacity, we have developed a pioneering insulation panel. This is a system with a unique design, making installation easier while maximising insulation.

Learn about the extensive range of solutions we offer, to peer into the future, benefit from the most advanced technology and move a step ahead of the competition.




  • Solutions for new build and renovation
  • Own technology
  • Maximises safety and profitability
  • guarantees the satisfaction of the final customer
  • Personalised service
  • Commercial support throughout Spain

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At Orkli, we have developed an innovative panel with a unique design which, in addition to making installation easier, maximises insulation